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H2000 Horizontal Mailboxes

The H2000 line of horizontal mailboxes comes in front-load and rear-load variants, the latter of which should only be installed indoors.

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Pedestal installation.

Pedestal installation.

  • 5-pin cam locks with two keys;
  • Extruded aluminum mainframe door locks at midpoint;
  • Cardboard black on white number tags in recessed plastic label holders;
  • Reinforced 1/8″ aluminum extruded compartment doors;
  • Clear natural anodized finish;
  • Front & rear support bars on bin assembly;
  • 22 GA satincoat CRS bin assembly with closed back (front-load) or front (rear-load); and,
  • Mainframe door may be hinged on either side.

Module Sizes

SizeHeight (")Width (") SizeHeight (")Width (")
3H x 3W11 7/16"218H x 6W28 1/1640 3/8
4H x 3W14 3/4219H x 3W31 3/821
4H x 4W14 3/427 1/29H x 4W31 3/827 1/2
5H x 3W18 1/16219H x 5W31 3/833 7/8
5H x 4W18 1/1627 1/29H x 6W31 3/840 3/8
5H x 5W18 1/1633 7/810H x 3W34 3/421
6H x 3W21 7/162110H x 4W34 3/427 1/2
6H x 4W21 7/1627 1/210H x 5W34 3/433 7/8
6H x 5W21 7/1633 7/810H x 6W34 3/440 3/8
6H x 6W21 7/1640 3/811H x 3W38 1/821
7H x 3W24 3/42111H x 4W38 1/827 1/2
7H x 4W24 3/427 1/211H x 5W38 1/833 7/8
7H x 5W24 3/433 7/811H x 6W38 1/840 3/8
7H x 6W24 3/440 3/812H x 3W41 7/1621
8H x 3W28 1/162112H x 4W41 7/1627 1/2
8H x 4W28 1/1627 1/212H x 5W41 7/1633 7/8
8H x 5W28 1/1633 7/812H x 6W41 7/1640 3/8

Add 4 1/2″ to the above width dimensions for the full length lockinbar.


Door sizes.

Door sizes.

All doors, with the exception of “A” or “C”, meet or exceed Canada Post standards.

Larger doors are ideal for private mail systems where large envelopes need to be sorted without folding.


Recessed installation.

Recessed installation.

The front-loading variant can be installed outside on a pedestal, while the interior model is typically fully recessed into a wall.

In the latter case, ensure the rough opening has a plywood base which together with sides and top creates a rigid, secure frame.

The top of the mailbox must not be higher than 67″ from the ground/floor.