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M3300-M3700 Rear-loading Mailboxes

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An M3300 recessed installation.

An M3300 recessed installation.

  • 5 pin cam locks with 2 keys (1,000 unique key codes available);
  • Stainless steel doors shipped with peelable plastic protective cover (removed after installation); and,
  • All fasteners & instructions for assembly provided.
The M3300-M3700 line comes in available module sizes of 2-3 compartments tall. The modules are welded together, and can be stacked using supplied fasteners.


Door Types

The M3300 classic door comes in a large size measuring 6″ by 6″ by 15″ (depth) that exceeds postal requirements. It features clear plastic number plates. Engraved metal plates are also available.

The M3700 features the same construction as the M3300, but features solid stainless steel doors (no window) with silver adhesive number plates. It also comes in more sizes than the M3300, as shown below.


Recessed installation diagram.

Recessed installation diagram.

The M3300-M3700 is for recessed installation only. The rough wall opening should have a plywood base, and together with its sides and top should form a rigid, secure frame.